Youth Group

Meet Nate

About Pastor Nate

Nathan Pelletier was born to a missionary family serving in Quebec, Canada. When he was 5 years old, Nate accepted the Lord as his Savior and was soon baptized afterwards. At the age of 9, the Lord instilled in Nate’s heart to accept the call to full-time preaching ministry though not knowing exactly in which aspect.

Nate attended Trinity Baptist School in Vermont during high school and then went on to Bob Jones University where he studied youth ministries and coaching. It was during college that Nate travelled with the Master’s Men ministry team and developed a passion for youth ministries. After graduating in 2014, he travelled with the Frazor Evangelistic Team as the Teen Evangelist for a semester and has served 3 summers as a counselor at the Wilds of New England.

In the fall of 2016, Pastor Nate came to HVBC and now serves as the Youth Pastor, teaching and preaching primarily to the youth of HVBC. He also is involved with the music program of the church and participates in some of the community sport programs.

Youth Group

In youth group, it is our goal to prepare our teens to be faithful servants, fearless soldiers, and passionate evangelists. We do so by teaching them the Word of God in our Sunday School classes and Wednesday night meetings where we take a book of the Bible or a Biblical subject and dig into it seeing what the Lord has for us. There are teens sponsors who are there to help exemplify what a true Christian looks like. We participate in scripture memorization, group discussions, ministering to others, and seek to make an impact in our community with the Gospel of Christ.

We also have a monthly Teen H.A.C. (hangout after church) where we go to a family’s home, eat some amazing food, play a game, and enjoy fellowship. There are also activities where we will do a community project, go for a hike, have a movie night, minister to someone in need, go play archery tag, and so much more!

The Saturday before Memorial Day, HVBC hosts a Spring Teen Rally for the churches of New England. We have seen close to 30 different churches bringing over 200 teenagers to our day of preaching and fun! The day is filled with games, challenges, car smashes, and so much more! Oh, and we cannot forget the Ultimate Tug-of-War tournament where teams of 5 members get together to personify the word “tough!”

A special speaker is given two opportunities to challenge the teens from the Word of God with a call to Salvation and a charge for Sanctification. We have seen the Lord bless by saving the lost, drawing the strayed, and encouraging the faithful. Please check out last years website: